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How to Formulate a Quality Nursing Care Plan

The term NURSING PROCESS was first used/mentioned by Lydia Hall, a nursing theorist, in 1955 wherein she introduced 3 STEPs: observation, administration of care and validation.

Since then, nursing process continue to evolve: it used to be a 3-step process, then a 4-step process (APIE), then a 5-step (ADPIE), now a 6-step process (ADOPIE) ASSESSMENT, DIAGNOSIS, OUTCOME IDENTIFICATION, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION and EVALUATION.

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is assessment the client’s response to nursing interventions and then comparing that response to predetermined standards or outcome criteria. Purpose: To appraise the extent to which goals and outcome criteria...



involves determining before and the strategies or course of actions to be taken before implementation of nursing care. To be effective, the client and his family should be involve in...