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nursing 10 commandments

10 Commandments for Nurses

Commandment Number 1: Thou Shalt Provide Comfort and Empathy to Patients in a Day-to-day Basis.
Commandment Number 2: Thou Shalt Respect Patient Confidentiality and Privacy.
Commandment Number 3: Thou shalt not predict your patient’s vital signs; you are a nurse not a fortune-teller.
Commandment Number 4: Thou shalt not wear trendy shoes during your shift.
Commandment Number 5: Thou shalt not direct patient’s uneaten dessert or meals to your bags or mouth.
Commandment Number 6: Thou shalt keep in mind that the best medicine a nurse can offer is offering warm smiles of greetings to the patient.
Commandment Number 7: Thou shalt not pass on all of the tasks to new nurses or volunteers.
Commandment Number 8: Thou shalt keep the nurses station quiet.
Commandment Number 9: Thou shalt avoid physical burn-out by taking good care of thyself.
Commandment Number 10: Thou shalt not call your patient with hilarious nicknames such as ‘Mr. Farter’ and the like.