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nurse burnout

Nurse Burnout

Being part of the nursing profession, stress is inevitable. We are constantly faced with challenges and demands as we go through our pursuit in promoting health and caring for the...



Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) also called erythrocytes, are oxygen carrying cells. It is derived from the Greek words “erythros” meaning “red,” “kytos” meaning “hollow” and “cyte” translated as “cell” in modern language. These cells are anuclaeted (without nucleus) and contain hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the iron-containing component of the RBC and is responsible for oxygen transport.

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Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse Anesthetists at a Glance

Gone were the days when nurses used to rely on doctors’ orders alone, the nurses of today do not only perform simple tasks in clinical area, instead, their roles have...

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$1000 Writing Contest for Nurses

Degree Story is hosting an awesome writing contest for nurses. They are looking for stories from nurses with every level of experience, including nursing school. Simply answer the question: What’s...


Nursing Theorists and Their Work

We have often heard about them. We have spent hours and hours trying to memorize their concepts for exams. For numerous times, we have been grilled by Clinical Instructors on...

Patient Care Models

Patient Care Models

Through the years, health care has been showered with various demands and challenges and amid all these the health care team is still expected to render quality health care to...

oncology nurse

Oncology Nurse

Future as an Oncology Nurse

As an oncology nurse, the settings of the work may be in a large hospital with a unit concentrated in oncology. Some opted for private practice or even travelling along with cancer patients. Some also may work on National Cancer Institute. The average pay for an oncology nurse may rise between $40,000 to $125,000 especially for those who have advanced knowledge about oncology.

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