Rachell Allen Reviewers USA

Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA is a story of imagination, hard work and real passion.

For over 20 years of nursing experience in the United States, Rachell Allen has mastered the American nursing review style and discovered the top SECRETS to passing CGFNS and NCLEX the fastest way!

Prof. Rachell Allen, US RN, MSN, NP-Certified Specialist, started the company with the vision of helping nurses from around the world to pass the CGFNS and NCLEX without months of useless and ineffective study guides.

Her unmatched nursing knowledge, professional experiences, dedication and passion has helped and inspired thousands of nurses from around the world and has molded us into what we are today – an emerging leader in the international healthcare review industry.

Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA was established as a professional healthcare review center that focuses on QUALITY and CREDIBILITY.

Rachell Allen Reviewers USA is dedicated to providing world class services to their institutional clients and nurses through continuously delivering the latest trend in the CGFNS and NCLEX exams.

Rachell Allen Reviewers USA’s depth of experience , strategies and global network has made them one of the world’s premiere healthcare review and training centers.

Now is your time to pass the CGFNS and NCLEX with Rachell Allen Reviwers USA!

– Superior Review Programs
– World Class Lecturers
– Comfortable Facilities
– Extensive CGFNS-NCLEX Knowledge
– Reputable and Credible Directors
– Global Healthcare Network

Rachell Allen Reviewers USA

  • 3rd Floor, Joshua Center, Taft Avenue, Pedro Gil, Manila
    (In front of UP-PGH)
  • Phone: 914-1379
  • Email Address: [email protected]

URL: http://www.rachellallen.com/

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