R.A. GAPUZ Review Center (RAGRC)

Founded in 1994, the R.A. GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER (RAGRC) can be deemed to have reached the pinnacle of its success, as highlighted by being named as the recipient of the: 2004 PARANGAL NG BAYAN AWARD as MOST OUTSTANDING REVIEW CENTER during the 19th Annual Parangal ng Bayan Awards, the prestigious 2004 NATIONAL CONSUMERS QUALITY AWARD (NCQA) as TOP & QUALITY REVIEW CENTER during the 22nd Annual NCQA & People’s Choice Awards, the 2003 SHOPPERS CHOICE AWARD as NO. 1 NURSING REVIEW CENTER during the 1st Annual Shoppers Choice Awards, and the WHO’S WHO IN THE PHILIPPINES & CONSUMERS CHOICE AWARD as BEST REVIEW CENTER during the 19th Who’s Who in the Philippines & Consumers Choice Awards. The prominent awards and citations indeed recognize the well-deserved accomplishments of a great Filipino genius, Prof. RAY A. GAPUZ, Who’s Who in the Philippines YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARDEE for Entrepreneurship & Education, now rostered among the best and most sought-after lecturers for nursing education both here and abroad.

R.A. GAPUZ Review Center is now the first and the only Nursing Review Center in the Philippines that :

– uses a computerized registration system

– uses a fully functional on-line registration system

– uses the computerized test scanner that simulate the CGFNS and NCLEX exams checking system

– provides a computer hands- on review (NCLEX) with Mr. Ray A. Gapuz himself.

to deliver its review classes NATIONWIDE.

The center offers a comprehensive review for the local board examination. This features a refresher type of review, which discusses the major concepts integrated in the local board examination. The center utilized the T.I.P.S. (Total Innovative Personalized Supplemental Review) which shortened the traditional three-month nursing review course into 10-12 days. The T.I.P.S. review is the most innovative and a totally new review course to be introduced for the first time in the history of Local RN review. This course includes lectures and practice tests which simulate the actual Local-RN examinations and test taking techniques. Delivered in a totally innovative way, Mr. Gapuz makes every student enjoy every concept, and at the same time learn “the easy way”.
The center also offers an intensive final coaching review which highlights a review course presented in lectures, drills, practice tests and focusing exercises which provides the following:

* The most important concepts for the Local-RN exam
* Test-taking techniques and strategies for the actual Local-RN exam
* The latest trend in the Local RN exam questions
* With a bonus closed door coaching which provides the reviewees an intensive focusing review a day before the actual local RN examination.

RAGRC also offers two options for Local-RN reviewees: the weekday and weekend schedule. The weekday schedule caters to the needs of regular reviewees who have the luxury of the time to focus on their reviews. The weekend schedule, on the other hand, is perfect for the working reviewees, mothers who are busy with their domestic roles and the like.

Ground Floor, Palm Plaza Hotel,
Adriatico Street corner Pedro Gil, Ermita, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 536-5417
Telefax: 404-0961

Dominion Bus Bldg.,
Mayombo District, Dagupan City

Contact No.: (075) 515-7745

Gapuz Centrum 2 T. Alonzo St.
New Lucban Baguio City
Contact No.: (074) 304-1804

Dr. 4 Junsay Bldg. Quirino
Ave. Davao City
Contact No. (082) 3051102

Dr. 4 Galleria Fuente Bldg.
Gen. Maxillom Ave. Cebu City

2nd Floor Concepcion Villaroman Bldg.
P. Campa Street corner Espana
Sampaloc, Manila
Contact No. (632) 735-3638

URL: http://www.ragapuzreview.com/

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