PIMSAT Colleges Nusing Review Center

PIMSAT Colleges Nursing Review Center ia an R.A. Gapuz review technology.

COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW (Number of Hours: 200 Hrs.)

Rationale: A sound theoretical foundation in all subject areas in nursing provides for a uniformity of knowledge-base among students.

Description: This is a 200 hour review comprising of the following parts.

A. Comprehensive discussion of all subject areas in Nursing
B. Entry competency exam which administered before the formal start of the review. This is meant to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The result of this test is used by the reviewers as their guide in their respective discussions.
C. The application of test taking techniques
Seminar on the principles of making an educated guess
D. Systems-Concept Approach of Review
The discussion focuses on each body system. This enables the student to master the disease condition on each specific body system.
E. System-Based test drills
This is the evaluation phase of the Systems – Concept Approach
F. Pre-Board examination
This was designed to help the students become familiar with the actual set of tests. This set of exams adopts the integrated format.
G. Reinforcement review
This aimed at correcting the weaknesses of the students based on the result of their pre-board examination. This is aimed at increasing the probability of their passing/topping the board exam.

D This involves final briefing and the discussion of question/topics which expected to be asked in the actual examination. This is done based on the research by the center as well as the result of the computerized predictive question evaluation done by the reviewers of the center.

PIMSAT Colleges Review Center

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