PhilCa Review Center

The first and only Review Center in ASIA that boast of providing review materials and professors directly from the United States of America (USA) ! Discover simple and easy test taking skills straight from our highly trained advanced specialist with M.A degree and affiliated with the California Nursing Educators (CNE) .

Be ahead of others and ACE that CGFNS/NCLEX exam with PhilCa’s materials that is UPDATED every three months.

PhilCa offers both local (Local Board) and international (CGFNS, NCLEX, TSE, IELTS and TOEFL) nursing review programs. Lecturers are highly trained and advanced M.A. degree-holders who passed international nursing exams.

PhilCa was established May of 2005 and officially started its review classes May of 2006.

Unit 101-B, 810 City Tower Aurora Blvd. cor. N.Domingo Brgy.Kaunlaran,
Quezon City

Phone: 724-7337
Fax no.: 723-6579
Mobile no.: 0917795668



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