MERGE Review

Multi-Educational Review Group Experts, Inc. (MERGE) is a review center for nurses.

MERGE Team is composed of talented professionals coming from both medical, nursing and business administration. Armed with first rate and firm foundation in their respective fields bundled with various esteemed positions are essential factors that make a qualified MERGE Team.

MISSION: To provide high Quality Review Program leading to the development of Professional Nurses & other Allied Health Professionals who will promote society’s health not only local and national but of GLOBAL interest.

– Fully equipped with facilities for the classroom-learning component of the review program.

– Ensure SECURITY and SAFETY in our surroundings for Students’ Benefits.

– Acquired a comprehensive collection of review materials and references- Local and Foreign to match the needs of their reviewees.

MERGE offers the following review programs:

– Nurse Licensure Examination Review (Local Board Review)
– CGFNS / NCLEX – RN Review
– English Proficiency Examination Review

Makes you feel the actual exam, BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE, EXCEL THE EXAMS and retain the knowledge acquired.

# 28 G/F A.M. Building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Phone: (632) 742- 0022
(632) 741-1336

SMART: (0921) 952- 6710
GLOBE: (0906) 222- 5227
SUN: (0922) 899- 6668

Fax: (632) 742 – 0022


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