EDGEWORTH Nursing Review Center

Pass that nursing exam first take with EDGEWORTH NURSING REVIEW CENTER

The Only Review Center that can give you…

  • Unlimited Simulations and Conceptual Lectures
  • Guaranteed FREE TUTORIALS on top of the actual review
  • Individual Reviewee Performance Monitoring
  • Small groupings: 50-100 students per group
  • Evidence-based, Problem-based,
  • Research-based, Ethics-based review materials
  • Results Oriented not just business.

More than 480 Hours of FUN while learning!!!!

Nurses as vanguard of health care and societal transformation

To produce a huge number of nurses who are experts on reflecting to their practice with strong clinical reasoning and administrative skills, as well as, pro-active attitude resultant of critical assessment of current situations and future posibilities

Edgeworth Nursing Review Center Review Programs offered:

1. Conceptual Lectures

These are bulleted lectures given to help students focused on their review class.

2. Course Auditing / Academic Enhancement

A comprehensive learning activity thru our exclusive instructors’ academic style and designs patterned with Edgeworth’s research based review program.

3. Sub-Groupings

The class will be grouped by 50’s OR 100’s, and will be handled by a nurse-review coordinator/facilitator to directly monitor learning behaviours, as well as, academic retention of individual reviewee.

4. Daily Monitoring Report

Review Coordinators will monitor and evaluate individual reviewee using Edgeworth Student’s Review Performance Monitoring Report Forms. Metrics will consist of attendance, simulation scoring, and over-all learning attitude.

These reports will be consolidated and summarized for Weekly Evaluation Report to the Dean’s Office, and other concerned school departments.

5. Simulations Drills, Diagnostics and Evaluation Examination

Every after each subject during Course Audit, an evaluative exam will be given to reviewees in monitoring their academic retention status. Simulations and diagnostic Exams will continue until last day of Review Proper.

6. Support Academic Module

Each student reviewee will receive one module by the start of Course Audit and another one a day before Review Proper. This should let them stay in focus during conceptual lecture hours.

7. FOCUS Sessions

This is a brainstorming – sharing activity between students. The lecturer will go arround and check their works with individual inputs of what to remember in certain concepts.

8. Strict Review Rules and Regulations

Daily review activities will be governed by applicable review rules and regulation.

TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS: 440 Hours broken down as 160 hours for Course Audit/Academic Enhancement; and 280 hours for Review Proper.


4/F Lorenzo Bldg., Paredes cor. Morayta Sts., Sampaloc, Manila, PHILIPPINES (Fronting PRC)

Phone: (+632)313-0206

URL: http://www.edgeworthreview.com/

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