Comprehensive Medical Review Center

Comprehensive Medical Review Center is an educational Review Center established in accordance with U.S. nursing education standards, with the sole purpose of providing comprehensive review courses to prepare Nurses to successfully pass all the required examinations set forth by the Commission on Foreign Graduate Nurses, and the State Board of Nursing Licensure or NCLEX. Additionally the CMS Review Center provides U.S. Assimilation Seminars, which provide the Nurses relocating to the United States, an overview of “life in America”. The Center is staffed with highly credentialed university professors from the most reputable universities in the Philippines. These professors share the CMS vision of preparing the Nurses to successfully meet the challenges of the nursing requirements of the Immigrant Visa Program. The Nurses are afforded various educational opportunities which include classroom lectures and practicum as well as individual review CD’s and printed materials. The CMS Review Center has “quality proven” affiliates in the various Provinces, for those Nurses who are not able to attend the CMS Review Center in Manila.


Unit 204-205-206
838 P. Campa St.
Sampaloc, Manila

Tel. #s: 313-0847 / 784-1652


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