AEC International Review Center

The steady demand for Filipino talent abroad has encouraged many Filipinos to pack their bags and leave the country for greener pastures. To help both fresh and seasoned professionals smoothly transition from the Philippines to foreign shores, AEC International Review Center offers a variety of technical and management courses, as well as job placement services for nurses, engineers, computer programmers, and teachers.

Established to support the operations of its affiliate, Bond Worldwide Inc. (formerly OGP Philippines Inc.), a global placement firm and one of the leading recruiters for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, AEC International Review Center offers comprehensive review classes for local Board exams, for the CGFNS exam and the NCLEX-RN exam for nurses, and for English proficiency exams, such as TOEFL/TSE, MELAB, and IELTS. It also currently offers call center training courses, English grammar and English speaking courses, and various management and technical training courses.

In line with its goal of providing first-class training and preparation, AEC employs top-caliber professional lecturers and utilizes current and constantly-updated training and review materials, individual computer workstations, realistic test simulations prior to actual exams, personal assessments and close monitoring of each student, and a fully air-conditioned venue at the Rufino-Pacific Tower on Ayala Avenue in Makati. It also assists its candidates in assembling the necessary documentation for deployment to the US, the UK, or Ireland.

The company’s chief executive, Ma. Carmela C. Azurin, is also currently president of Bond Worldwide Inc.

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Rufino-Pacific Tower
Ayala Avenue
Makati, Philippines

Phone:+632 813-2703/32

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