Graduate Nursing Career Development

So you think that now you’re finally a registered nurse, just got hired in an institution or you’ve finally gotten rid of yourself the trouble and often heavy burden of having to study all the time. But that is not the case with being a nurse though, much to your disappointment maybe.

The medical field is always introduced with something new almost all the time. The reason for this is because researchers – doctors, nurses, other medical professionals – never stop looking for better alternative to present treatments. Diseases and other conditions are also popping up, new ones that seem to once again leave the medical professionals clueless as to cause, risk factors, treatment, diagnoses and so on. And these are just a few of the reasons why there are always innovations in the medical field.

Being a nurse and a member of the medical team, you need to be aware of these changes. You can’t be expected to work on your area and not have an idea on new medications a new patient has or how you might make your independent actions help your client with a new, uncommon condition. Therefore you always need to be updated. And this is where graduate nursing career development comes in.

But before we delve deeper into the above topic, probably a more helpful information you need to know about nursing career development is that you need to remind yourself that your brain is not a computer. Although the human brain is powerful, sometimes our brain can’t just recall everything we learn. I mean each and every single topic we undertook while we were in undergraduate nursing course. That is why it is essential to once in a while, attend seminars and study days to enable us to look back on certain nursing or medical issues. Just doing so will help us refresh our brains about those matters and at the same time, update us with the latest news or discoveries, should there be any.

Graduate nursing career development is often required by most employers because this will prove competency, your competency. They need to make sure that their employees are always updated and always mentally present, as this is quite vital in the medical industry. The client’s health depends on your knowledge and competency, all the more reason you need to get your brain attending career development days.

Obtaining certificates and proof of having undergone nursing career development is also good for your professional portfolio. This means that if you think you need to move forward or some other reasons you would like to work for another employer, your somewhat impressive portfolio will make it easier for potential employers to believe that you are what their company needs.

Don’t stress too much about graduate nursing career development though. They just need you to be present, both physically and mentally. After all, it’s not only for employers and clients but it’s for you as well.


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Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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