Peplau’s Roles of the Psychiatric Nurse

by : Lhynnelli

hpeplau 1. Creator of therapeutic environment

    • the nurse creates an accepting atmosphere in which the client can relax, feel secure emotionally and physically, and does not feel afraid to share thoughts and feelings. This is achieved when people around the client are honest, sincere, friendly yet firm and non-judgmental. The atmosphere should be one that anticipates and believes in a therapeutic change from the client.

    2. Technical Nursing Role

      • when nurse checks vital signs, perform treatment procedures, administer medications and makes physical assessment.

      3. Therapist

        • when the nurse uses the principle of psychotherapy to help the client understands his behavior, feelings and thoughts and when the nurse assist the client in finding solutions to his problem.

        4. Socializing Agent

          • when the nurse assist the patient to participate in group activities.

          5. Counselor

          • the nurse shows active listening to the patient, assists the patient in identifying stressors that causes anxiety, and helps client find acceptable outlets of anxiety.

          6. Teacher

            • when the nurse gives instructions or educates the client about certain medications or therapeutic intervention, also when the nurse teaches the client to learn new skills such as game, song, dance step or when the nurse becomes a role model of acceptable behavior.

            7. Parent Surrogate

              • when the nurse performs functions for the client originally provided by the mother such as bathing, dressing, feeding or back rub.

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