Developmental Milestones


The toddler period is considered to be from age 1 to 3 years of age and during this time that enormous changes are taking place in a child.

15 months – walks alone well, can sit in a chair and can creep upstairs, language: 4-6 words, holds a spoon well but may still turn it upside down on the way to the mouth, exploring the sense of permanence

18 months – when using spoon the toddler no longer rotates the spoon to the mouth, able to run and jump in place, can verbalize about 7 to 20 words and the child at this age is able to name one part of a body; parallel play is initiated; loves to imitate household chores such as dusting, sweeping and etc.

24 months – the toddler at the period is now able to open doors by turning doorknobs, lids are unscrewed when place near the child’s reach, can walk the stairs with both feet on the same step at the same time; evidently by this point the play among these ages is parallel play

30 months – using a pencil, a toddler at this point can make simple lines and strokes for crosses, able to jump down from the chair, the development of verbal language is steadily increasing, the toddler at this time already knows his or her full name and can name one color, when asked about age the toddler holds up his or her fingers to show age; imitating actions is noted at this age, play is either rough housing or active games


4 years – builds a tower of 10 blocks, draw a person with 3 parts, use paragraphs with sentences of 4 or 5 words, distinguishing fantasy from reality, giving first and last name, singing a song

5 years – dressing self independently; walking, climbing and running with coordination; drawing a person with details such as with head, body, arms and legs, copying a triangle or square, speaking in shirt paragraphs, recognition of almost all alphabet letters, can give own address and phone number, can follow rules of interactive peer games

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