Comparison of Pediatric Cancers and Adult Cancers

Pediatric Cancers:

  • Incidence: Pediatric cancers are rare, covers less than one percent of  all cancers.
  • Sites : t involves tissues such as mononuclear phagocyte system, Central Nervous System , muscles and bones.
  • Histology : Most common type could be found are nonepithelial, sarcomas, embryonal, leukemia, lymphoma.
  • Latency (from iniationa to diagnosis): It occurs relatively in shorter periods of time.
  • Environmental factors: Most pediatric cancers occur as a combination of environmental factors and hereditary factors called ecogenetics.
  • Prevention: As of the present, there minimal strategies known.
  • Early Detection: These are generally accidental findings.
  • State of diagnosis: 80% of the cases are metastasized when found out.
  • Response to treatment: Pediatric cancers are very responsive to chemotherapy and tolerance to higher doses could be noted.
  • Treatment of side effects: There is less difficulty in treating the side effects, however there are long term consequences.
  • Prognosis: Greater than 60% are cured.

Adult Cancers

  • Incidence: Adults cancers are common which covers more then 99% of all cancers.
  • Sites : It involves organs such as the lungs, breast, colon prostate.
  • Histology : Most common types are epithelial and carcinomas.
  • Latency (from initiation to diagnosis): It occurs in a long period of time like a patient could be well over 20 years
  • Environmental factors: It has a strong relationship to environmental and lifestyle factors
  • Prevention: Adult cancers today are 80% preventable.
  • Early Detection: It is possible to detect early when early detection and screening practices are done such as Breast Self Examination.
  • State of diagnosis: It could either be local or regional.
  • Response to treatment: It is less responsive to chemotherapy.
  • Treatment of side effects:More difficulty with acute toxicity but fewer long-term consequences.
  • Prognosis: Less than 60% could be cured.

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Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

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