Bradley Childbirth Method

Bradley Childbirth Method


Bradley childbirth method was the first technique to include the father as a support person during delivery. This method embraces the belief that childbirth is a natural event and with the right preparation most women can have spontaneous and unmedicated vaginal births.


Bradley Method was named after an American obstetrician Dr. Robert Bradley. “Husband Coached Childbirth,” was written by Dr. Bradley and his principles and theories paved the way for fathers to be present in the delivery room. This changed the face of childbirth around the globe.


Dr. Robert Bradley believed that birth is a joyful natural process and women can handle it without drugs or medical interventions. He is also an advocate to the idea that husbands are vital factors in the birthing process and early newborn period.

Aside from avoiding all medications and other interventions, relaxation techniques such as abdominal breathing and breath control is taught usually for 12 weeks.

Techniques and Methods

During pregnancy, a woman performs exercises to tone the muscles and omit if not minimize foods that contains preservatives, fats and salt. She should also takes early birth classes followed by weekly sessions on the sixth month until birth. The husband should actively participate during these sessions and in delivery.

Throughout labor, the woman is advised to walk and use an internal focus point as a dissociation technique. Relaxation and natural breathing techniques are also employed at this point. However, there is no patterned breathing with this method. The women are just taught to breathe deeply within their abdomen.

After delivery, immediate maternal-newborn bonding is promoted and breastfeeding is encouraged. Still the husband is actively participating up to this time.

Bradley Method Class

The Bradley program lasts for about 12 weeks. The philosophy of this method believes that it takes months to prepare the couple not only for childbirth but also for parenting. It takes pride in addressing all aspects of natural childbirth (mentally, physically and emotionally). The course is an advocate on educating the husbands to be an effective coach to their wives.

The following concepts are taught in Bradley Classes:

  • Natural birth process
  • Active involvement of the husband as a coach
  • Proper nutrition during pregnancy
  • Avoidance of drugs throughout the pregnancy
  • Natural breathing methods (without patterns)
  • Coaching techniques
  • Natural pain coping methods
  • Maternal-newborn bonding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Education on emergent situations throughout pregnancy and delivery (CS)
  • Postpartum and newborn care
  • Responsible parenthood

The physiology of labor and delivery is discussed in one of the sessions with emphasis on making the expectant mothers to believe that birth can be a joyful and natural process without drug administration and medical interventions.

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