Head-To-Toe Assessment A. Head (Skull, Scalp, Hair)

1. Observe the size, shape and contour of the skull.
2. Observe scalp in several areas by separating the hair at various locations; inquire about any injuries. Note presence of lice, nits, dandruff or lesions.
3. Palpate the head by running the pads of the fingers over the entire surface of skull; inquire about tenderness upon doing so. (wear gloves if necessary)
4. Observe and feel the hair condition.

Normal Findings:

· Generally round, with prominences in the frontal and occipital area. (Normocephalic).
· No tenderness noted upon palpation.

· Lighter in color than the complexion.
· Can be moist or oily.
· No scars noted.
· Free from lice, nits and dandruff.
· No lesions should be noted.
· No tenderness nor masses on palpation.

· Can be black, brown or burgundy depending on the race.
· Evenly distributed covers the whole scalp (No evidences of Alopecia)
· Maybe thick or thin, coarse or smooth.
· Neither brittle nor dry.

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