Factors Affecting Health

health_care A.  Political

Involves one’s leadership, how he/she rules, manages and involves other people in decisions making.


         the condition of being free from harm, injury loss

         protection from exploitative working conditions

         expanding access to social security


         unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power

Political Will

         determination to pursue something which is in the interest of the majority


         the ability of a person to do something

         creating the circumstances where people can use their faculties and abilities at the maximum level in the pursuit of common goals.

B.  Cultural

Relating to the representation of nonphysical traits, such as values beliefs, attitudes and customs shared by a group of people and passed from one generation to the next.


         a customary action usually done to maintain or promote health likes use of “anting-anting” or lucky charms.


         a state or habit of mind wherein a group of people place a trust into something or a person.

healthy community C.  Heredity

The genetic transmission of traits from parents to offspring, genetically determined.

D.  Environment

The sum total of all conditions and elements that make up the surroundings and influence the development of an individual.

E.  Socio-Economic

Refers to the production activities, distribution, and consumption of goods of an individual.

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