Before an operation

  • Checks all equipment for proper functioning such as cautery machine, suction machine, OR light and OR table
  • Make sure theater is clean
  • Arrange furniture according to use
  • Place a clean sheet, arm board (arm strap) and a pillow on the OR table
  • Provide a clean kick bucket and pail
  • Collect necessary stock and equipment
  • Turn on aircon unit
  • Help scrub nurse with setting up the theater
  • Assist with counts and records

During the Induction of Anesthesia

  • Turn on OR light
  • Assist the anesthesiologist in positioning the patient
  • Assist the patient in assuming the position for anesthesia
  • Anticipate the anesthesiologist’s needs
  • If spinal anesthesia is contemplated:

Place the patient in quasi fetal position and provide pillow
Perform lumbar preparation aseptically
Anticipate anesthesiologist’s needs

After the patient is anesthetized

  • Reposition the patient per anesthesiologist’s instruction
  • Attached anesthesia screen and place the patient’s arm on the arm boards
  • Apply restraints on the patient
  • Expose the area for skin preparation
  • Catheterize the patient as indicated by the anesthesiologist
  • Perform skin preparation

During Operation

  • Remain in theater throughout operation
  • Focus the OR light every now and then
  • Connect diatherapy, suction, etc.
  • Position kick buckets on the operating side
  • Replenishes and records sponge/ sutures
  • Ensure the theater door remain closed and patient’ s dignity is upheld
  • Watch out for any break in aseptic technique

End of Operation

  • Assist with final sponge and instruments count
  • Signs the theater register
  • Ensures specimen are properly labeled and signed

After an Operation

  • Hands dressing to the scrub nurse
  • Helps remove and dispose of drapes
  • Helps to prepare the patient for the recovery room
  • Assist the scrub nurse, taking the instrumentations to the service (washroom)
  • Ensures that the theater is ready for the next case

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