Steps in Making a Family Nursing Care Plan (FNCP)

The assessment phase of the nursing process generates the health and nursing problems which become the bases for the development of nursing care plan. The planning phase takes off from there.

Formulating a family care plan involves the following steps:

  1. The prioritized condition/s or problems
  2. The goals and objectives of nursing care
  3. the plan of interventions
  4. The plan of evaluating care

family nursing care plan diagram

This is a schematic presentation of the nursing care plan process. It starts with a list of health condition or problems prioritized according to the nature, modifiability, preventive potential and salience. The prioritized health condition or problems and their corresponding nursing problems become the basis for the next step which is the formulation of goals and objectives of nursing care. The goals and objectives specify the expected health/clinical outcomes, family response/s, behavior of competency outcomes.


Nursing Practice in the Community – Maglaya 4th Ed.

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