POEA Notes Experiences of 1st batch of JPEPA Candidates for Guidance of New Applicants

As the 1st batch of Filipino workers under the Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan (JPEPA) has started their on-the-job training with their respective hospitals and caregiving institutions, Administrator Jennifer Jardin-Manalili shares relevant information to guide applicants wishing to work in Japan as candidate nurses and caregivers.

The POEA chief noted from the selection process for the first batch that although there was no age limit set, those selected were from the younger age bracket of 20 to 35 years old. She emphasized the importance of observing the rigid schedule of onsite language training from Monday to Saturday to be able to fulfill the 6-month requisite program before working in their respective accepting institutions. She advised those who may have issues or reservations about not being able to take the course fully or without requesting for vacation during the period to think twice about pursuing their application. On the other hand, applicants who have acquired at least Level II of Japanese Language Proficiency (Level I is the highest) have a chance to be exempted from the 6-month language training and may proceed directly with their on-the-job training. The Administrator likewise stressed the importance of ensuring one’s physical and mental fitness to be able to cope with the demands of language training and cultural adaptation.

The next batch of recruitment is expected to be done by early 2010. Interested workers are advised to keep their online registration (through www.poea.gov.ph) updated and active to have a chance to be included in the matching process. Administrator Manalili informed that the actual vacancies will still be posted in January as its counterpart agency, the Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS), is accepting application of Japanese institutions until December 2009. JICWELS noted in its own survey of institutions that 60% emphasized the requirement for possession of basic Japanese language skills for the candidates.

To further alert interested nurse and caregiver applicants on the qualification requirements and level their expectations about working in Japan as health care workers, the POEA shall hold pre-employment sessions with the help of pointers shared by some of those who comprised the 1st batch. Selection from the POEA manpower registry will take into consideration completeness and authenticity of documents presented.

Source: POEA

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