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Health Information Management

Career choices in the health care field are rapidly changing and the environment is providing new opportunities for those who willing to be trained and equipped. The area of health information management is an expanding field due to the fact that patient’s information is critically important. When a member of the health care team treats a patient, a documentation of what was done is always done. The paper would list the observed cues together with the methods on how the patient was medically treated. In addition to described symptoms provided by the client and medical history the following data are also important to be detailed in the record:

  • Examination results
  • X-ray reports
  • Laboratory test results
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plans

The information provided is stored electronically in the health care institution’s web-based system. A health information management is a challenging profession which involves the application of knowledge in the clinical field, information technology, database management and administration.

Importance of Health Information

Literally, health information is the basis in planning client treatment. Furthermore, it guides medical personnel in coming with medical decisions. It keeps the health care facility and its staff from legal issues too. Other importance of health information is detailed below:

  • Administrative purposes
  • Research
  • Identification of the trends in treating diseases
  • Evaluating the quality of care provided to the patient

Health Information Manager

To keep the records safe, health information managers stores them properly according to the company’s protocols. They also make sure that data submitted are properly filled up. Furthermore, they make sure that the record is easily available when needed. These professionals capture, analyze and protect both digital and traditional medical information which are essential promoting quality care to all patients.


The job opportunity for health information managers is one of most growing field in the healthcare industry nowadays. Matter of the fact the opportunity expansion is considered very fast. The salary offered is also promising with about $30,000 to $80,000 annually. Compensation increases with experience. In addition, paid salaries also commensurate with higher education.

How to Become a Health Information Manager

To qualify for this job one needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in health information management. A degree in a related field may be credited too. Quite a few professionals completed a master’s program too. Also they need to complete courses which cover the following:

  • Medical records
  • Hospital organization
  • Hospital management
  • Strategic planning
  • Health economics
  • Law and ethics
  • Health information systems

When a health information manager learns more skills and gains more experience they can scale up to higher positions easily. Of course to be qualified for this one needs a designation as Registered Health Information Administrator from the American Health Information Management Association. Furthermore, they must pass an examination for licensure and complete continuing education trainings and programs.

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