Nursing Care Plan – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is rapidly transported across the alveolar membrane and preferentially binds to hemoglobin in place of oxygen to form carboxyhemoglobin (COHb). Carbon Monoxide causes the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve to shift to the left, thereby impairing oxygen unloading at the tissue level. This shift results in a substantial reduction in oxygen delivery, given that 98% of the oxygen supplied to the tissues comes bound to hemoglobin.

Nursing Care Plan for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by deric

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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