Yoga and Exercise for Joint Pain Relief

Perhaps as people age great things comes along such as wisdom, insight, experience and respect. However, in the road to becoming part of the elderly population, body parts may start to crack and snap leading to problems such as having pain in the joints. A lot of people think that when they experience pain in the joints, they are similar to a rusted tin. This is not a laughing matter. Matter of fact, it is a chink in the list of issues about health that a person should not ignore.

Causes of Joint Pains

Joint problems may be present in the wrists, elbows, knee, back, hip, ankle and shoulder. The pain occurs as a result of the following causes:

  1. Bad posture
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Inflammation
  4. Intake of oily and spicy foods

A bad posture and sedentary lifestyle can cause a constant wear and tear on the cartilages which may result to joint damage and pain. People who are working for long hours in front of a computer, surgeons who stands up for lengthy hours to perform operations and policemen standing the entire duty hours who perform repetitive actions produces constant wear and tear on the joints which can produce discomforts. A sedentary lifestyle weakens the muscles. Flaccidity from inactivity puts extra burden on the joints which can also lead to experiencing pain.

Eating oily and spicy foods increases the accumulation of toxins in the blood thereby stimulating problems in the joints. Although a lot of people think almost instantly about pain relievers to manage the condition, it does not cure the condition. Exercises for the joint can reopen the blocked areas and increase the flow of energy in the body.

Yoga for Joint Pain

Yoga has been proven to be an effective way to manage joint pains. When a person is in pain, and vigorous exercise is performed, pain is most likely aggravated. With yoga, the postures are gently and smoothly executed which does not cause an aggravation to the condition. The activity stretches the joints and the muscles connected to it causing some blacked areas to reopen and improving the circulation in different parts of the body. Aside from strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints, yoga also makes bone stronger by increasing its density.

Although, yoga seems to be better in managing the condition, seeking medical approval of the condition is necessary to promote safety. The following pose in yoga can treat pain in the joints:

  1. Mountain pose
  2. Wind relieving pose
  3. Crocodile pose
  4. Cobra pose
  5. Auspicious pose
  6. Triangle pose
  7. Tree pose
  8. Hip-to-hand pose
  9. Hero pose


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