Why Choose a Career in Nursing?

The shortage of nurse, particularly in western countries has brought about a skyrocketing demand for nursing professionals.  Various studies have already projected that the demand for nurses will continue in the years to come peaking in 2020 if the shortage of qualified health workers remains unresolved.  While there is a media hype on the unemployment of nurses in countries such as the Philippines because of the supposed “oversupply”, this is a reverse in many other countries.   The premise is, the potential is unlimited for nurses with right qualifications.

Nursing can be described as a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding profession.  The focus of study in nursing include health promotion, disease prevention, health restoration, health maintenance, and managing clients with acute or chronic illness across the lifespan.  Student nurses also learn current trends in health care and evidence-based practices focusing on wellness/ illness concepts and the health care delivery in hospitals and community-based settings.

Unlike the previously known notion that nurses only work in hospitals caring for the sick and the dying,  nursing provides many career options.  Registered nurses may opt to care for patients in a variety of setting ranging from home care, clinics, hospices, rehabilitation centers, community, military, occupational, and hospital among others.  In addition, there, are many career paths for nurses today.  Graduate studies are also available advance the perspectives of nursing.  Post-Bachelor’s degrees include Master of Science in Nursing and doctoral degrees in nursing such as Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Science, and Doctor of Nursing Practice.

The practice of nursing and the experience of nurses in the practice vary across nations.  In most western countries and developed countries, nursing is indeed rewarding particularly in terms of salary, benefits and perks aside from the prestige, autonomy of practice and a high regard for the profession.  All of these are fruits of hard work as nursing is not an easy job.  It entails a great deal knowledge, skills, and right attitude.

Despite the many conflicting ideas about whether it is still the right time to take up nursing, it has to be highlighted that there will always be a need for nurses to care for clients.  In fact, in the United States, although not significantly high to resolve the shortage of nurses, there is an increasing number of enrollees in nursing programs.  Is it still the right time to take up nursing?  It is always the right time to take up nursing if it is for the spirit of service and caring for others and not merely on personal gains.  This is probably one of the many reasons that explains why for the 11th consecutive year, nurses top the honesty and ethics list in Gallup Inc. polls.


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Byron Webb Romero, RN, MSN

Finished BSN at Lyceum of the Philippines University, and Master of Science in Nursing Major in Adult Health Nursing at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center. Currently working at Manila Doctors College of Nursing as a Team Leader for Level I and II, Lecturer for Professional Nursing Subjects, and also a Clinical Instructor.

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