When Choosing Your Scrubs


Gone are the days when nurses were required to wear an all-white ensemble with heeled shoes and a big cap when entering the battlefield that is the clinical area. Nowadays, nurses are allowed to wear comfortable and colorful scrubs when going on duty. This change was welcomed by many as it’s more comfortable and convenient to wear pants instead of a puffy skirt when providing nursing care. However, despite the new liberties this change in wardrobe brings, there are still concerns that you should consider when it comes to choosing the right scrubs.


                Even if it’s a bit more expensive, always choose a scrub that’s of fine quality. It’s always better to have one good pair than 3 bad ones. You don’t exactly have the luxury of time, so you cannot bother with linty scrubs, or scrubs with the stitching coming out, or scrubs with the color washed out. Also, you might want to choose fade resistant scrubs.


                Choose the scrub that suits your body type. Choose the scrubs that is of the right size for a good and comfortable fit. Make sure the pants don’t slide down your hips and display your inner wear when you bend. Make sure that the top is not loosely cut that it allows skin to be viewed through the neckline. When providing patient care and doing other nursing tasks, it is best that you feel comfortable. With well-fitting scrubs, you’ll not only feel comfy, but you will also feel more confident.


                If your hospital permits, and you can choose any color of scrub suit that you want, go for the ones that match your skin tone to make you look brighter. You can also choose colors that are strong and dark such as black, navy blue, dark brown and maroon as these hold stains better than the light shades. Most hospitals have color codes for the scrubs (i.e., blue for nurses, green for nursing aides, etc.), so you better check with your hospital first, before going on a scrubs shopping spree.


                You always have to be ready with bandage scissors, alcohol pads, pens and many more when on a duty shift, so scrubs with lots of pockets is a good idea. Consider the pockets as your friends as you can stuff many handy items in them.

Enough scrubs

                Remember that you work in the hospital almost every day, so it’s best to make sure that you have enough scrubs for those duty days. Always make sure to wear a fresh scrub for each shift. f you have enough scrubs, you can wash them all once a week during your off day, and keep them ready for multiple shifts through the week.

Personal touches

                Buying scrubs from a shop doesn’t mean you can’t add your personal touch on it. You might want to try getting your name/initials embroidered on it for a unique look. You can think of many ways of personalizing your scrubs, just make sure that your idea is not against the institution’s specific rules.


                The hospital is not a party nor a runway. You are only allowed to use minimal accessories in the clinical area. While some nurses might want to use jewelry to accessorize their scrubs, it is important that they keep it subtle. You may be allowed to wear a pair of earrings, a trusty watch, a simple hair piece or a slender necklace, depending on your hospital’s policies.





Liane Clores, RN MAN

Currently an Intensive Care Unit nurse, pursuing a degree in Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Service Administration. Has been a contributor of Student Nurses Quarterly, Vox Populi, The Hillside Echo and the Voice of Nightingale publications. Other experience include: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric, Emergency and Recovery Room Nursing.

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