Tips to Maintaining Foot Health

The foot is the marvel of human body that gets noticed only when it starts to break down. In the average lifetime of an individual, the equivalent walking distance of the feet reaches the distance walked when traveling the whole world twice. That’s quite a lot of work right? Hence, maintaining healthy feet is definitely critical to everyone. Maintaining foot health involves constant assessment and comprehensive management. Podiatrists from the UCLA Medical Group shared expert recommendations on how to maintain healthy feet which includes the following:

  • Regularly inspect the feet and check for changes in color, texture and appearance.
  • Promote foot hygiene such as washing the foot often. The toes should also be washed and dried in between.
  • Keep the skin hydrated. Weather is one favor that causes dry skin. Rapid loss of moisture takes place when open shoes are also used. Decreased hydration results to cracking of the skin or formation of fissures. To keep foot hydrated, lotions and creams should be used regularly.
  • Check your shoe size. Wearing the right shoe size is important to promote optimum foot health. Feet tend to be at their largest later in the day. Purchasing footwear during this time is advisable.
  • Foot pain should be evaluated by a podiatric physician. Most people ignore foot pain. When the symptoms do of resolve or increase for a reason time frame the condition needs to be evaluated by a podiatrist.
  • Toenails should be cut straight across. An ingrown toenail results from cutting the corner of the nails. To keep away from sharp edges, a nail file can be used instead.
  • Have a regular and consistent exercise schedule. To keep weight under control, a conditioner can be used for the feet. When exercising, a proper-sized athletic shoe can be used.
  • Use different shoes each day. The shoes absorb moisture from the feet. This is the main reason why it is important to dry out the shoes before using them. Alternating each shoe gives time to dry out the footwear ready for the next use.
  • To protect the feet from injury and infection, walking barefoot should be avoided.
  • Apply sunblock to the feet when meaning sandals to prevent sunburn.
  • Toe nails should be kept short and clean.
  • Use foot moisturizer daily to preserve moisture of the foot. Keeping the feet supple is advisable in maintaining foot health. The most effective moisturizers are those than contain about 10-25 % of urea.

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