Supplements for Athletes to Combat Cold and Flu

Staying health is required among athletes. Any sickness can prevent them from performing their regular routines which may rob them the chance of mastering some skills. Among the list of common diseases flu is the number one culprit that can bring an athlete down anytime and anywhere. Even a simple cold can bring a person down for days. And that’s the last thing any athlete or any person would ever want to happen especially if an important event is fast approaching.

There are ways to decrease the risk of getting cold and flu. These recommendations can avoid someone from missing an important life event just because of a miserable illness. In addition to supplements, a person can avoid this illness by stuffing in healthy foods in the diet. A truckload of antioxidant should fill in the foods the foods eaten to strive on a diet use to combat flu and colds. However, no matter how you watch you diet it is not just possible to get everything into the body every day. But having at least the listed supplements below can help prevent sickness any time of the year.

  • Vitamin C. Taking Vitamin C supplements helps in decreasing a person’s risk to getting cold and flu. This is especially important to those who are undergoing extreme physical stress like athletes and marathon runners.

The recommended dosage of Vitamin C in day for those who don’t have colds is about 90 mg for men and 90 mg for women. But if an individual is already experiencing cold symptoms then he or she should take about one to two grams in a day. Intake of more than the recommended dose may be unsafe for anyone as it may bring about life threatening side effects such as kidney stones, nausea and diarrhea.

  • Zinc. Most people are unaware of the health benefits zinc offers. About 98% of athletes are reported to be having a deficiency in this mineral. Increased zinc in the diet increases the antioxidant function of the cells. In addition, zinc supplements also shorten the length of illness from viral infections to seven days.
  • Probiotics. Aside from digestive benefits, probiotics also boost up the immune system which is greatly helpful in preventing flu. It is also a good soldier in combating inflammation from chronic conditions.
  • Pine bark. A dose of pine barks cuts off infection in not time. Plus it helps loosen secretions from cough that relieves the person of respiratory problem such as cough.

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