Sevilla Rose Elvira-de Leon: Dedicated and Excellent Nurse in Saudi

As a professional nurse, Sevilla Rose knows too well that many opportunities are waiting for her abroad and that getting an overseas job can paved the way for all her dreams to be fulfilled. Among others, she dreams of a better life and a secure future for her family and for her two wonderful daughters.

She got her overseas job through the SAF International Agency. The agency guided applicants on all the corresponding procedures and conducted complete orientation and briefing. According to Rose, the SAF personnel were very accommodating in answering all the questions of first-time applicants.

Rose’s life in Saudi can be describe as smooth and easy as she finds Saudi to be so much like the Philippines. The only difference is that the prices of basic goods are much cheaper.

According to Rose, “Mas mura bilihin ng prime commodities dito. Araw araw pwede kang kumain ng murang fried chicken dito.”

Source: OFW Guide

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