Nursing Board Exam Results POLL

A lot of comments, e-mail and speculations are roaming around the Philippines asking just one simple question. When will be the exact date to release to Nursing Board Exam Results for December 2007 takers? The answer is not certain and even other blogs or websites are still waiting for the complete list.

The date posted before was based on our experience with PRC on how do they normally release the results for the board exam. But up to now, no results has been made available to public.

Is this another nursing scandal in the making? or just a pure delay on PRC’s part of checking the examination paper? Nobody knows. I’d like to throw the question back the question specially to those who took the nursing licensure exam last December 2007. What do you think is the main reason why the results hasn’t been released? Vote by answering the poll below.


What Do You Think?