“Nurses are Experts In Humanity” – Pope Francis

Pope Francis thanked all nurses in attendance, “you are there all day and you see what happens to the patient. Thank you for that!” he continued, “many lives, so many lives are saved thanks to you!”

Pope Francis acknowledged the “truly irreplaceable” role nurses play in the lives of their patients. “Like no other, the nurse has a direct and continuous relationship with patients, takes care of them every day, listens to their needs and comes into contact with their very body, that he tends to.

He spoke about the importance of the nursing profession and the unique relationships nurses form with all members of the healthcare team – patients, families, and colleagues. Pope Francis stated that nurses are at “the crossroads” of all these relationships.

At the age 20, the Pope remembered a nurse who saved his life. He was on the verge of death at that time when a nurse argued with his doctor to give more he recalled.

He praised all nurses who continuouly perform their commitment to their individual patients despite the patient’s societal status. Calling a nurse’s care particularly important in a society which often leaves weaker people on the margin, only giving worth to people who meet certain criteria or level of wealth.

The Pope thanked all Nurses in attendance in the meeting at the members of Italys’ national association of nursing professionals held last March 2018.

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