Last Minute Tips for NLE June 2008 from PinoyBSN

In NP1 Please FOCUS on the following :

1. Types of leadership : Autocratic, Laissez faire, Democratic, transformational, transactional etc. etc.

2. Pattern of Nursing care : Primary nursing, case nursing, functional, team etc.

3. Expanded Nursing role : Nurse anesthetist, Nurse practitioner, Nurse researcher etc. etc.

4. Level of prevention by leavell and clark. Remember that crisis is always secondary.

5. 3 way bottle system : simply reconnect the tube, continuous bubble is a sign of leakage, no bubbling is obstruction [ in the waterseal ] and you should palpate the surrounding area for sq emphysema

6. Postural drainage : do this before meals, the positioning depending on the location of secretion, POPEVICO [ arrangement ] that is positioning, percussing, vibrating and coughing etc.

7. The independent and the dependent variable in research

8. Know your PURE and APPLIED as well as EXP and NON EXP also your QUANTI and QUALI designs

9. IV fluid tonicity : D5LR is hypertonic while LR is isotonic

10. Complication of IV and its intervention such as FLUID OVERLOAD , PHLEBITIS, INFILTRATION.

11. Blood transfusion


13. The VIRTUE ETHICS and ETHICS : Justice, fortitude, prudence, temperance, character, double effect, paternalism… etc etc

15. Teaching and learning steps : Man initially needs information and MOTIVATION is needed for adherence to teaching. First step in teaching is to ASSESS LEARNING NEEDS before planning what to teach.

16. SAFETY : Causes of injuries according to age eg: elderly = falls, infant = suffocation and aspiration, adolescence = suicide and homicide. Intervention in an elderly client who falls frequently = keep the bed at the lowest possible position. etc.

17. Read ALL NP1 exam given by merge during the preboard, diagnostic and comprehensive examination and you will do VERY VERY VERY WELL. Read Budek’s notes and you will do EXTREMELY WELL.

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