Jobs for Nurses in Saudi Arabia

KSA 50,000 to 60,000 jobs awaits Filipino Nurses in Saudi Arabia within the next six months. Officials of the King Fahd Medical Center are in the country today interviewing prospective applicants.

Lito Soriano of the LBS E-recruitment Solutions said that the demand for nurses in the Middle East are very high and immediate in fact, King Fahd Medical Center has linked up with more than two Philippine recruitment agencies to fill up their vacancies.

Saudi increased its inflation allowance from five percent to 10 percent of the basic salary, which would range from $600 to $1,000. This is on top of free housing, free transportation, and yearly vacation.

Nurses with two years actual experience in tertiary hospitals with at least 200 bed capacities and working with modern equipment are the top priorities.

Unfortunately, the Philippines cannot fill out those requirements due to lack of tertiary hospitals in the country and the volunteer work of Filipino nurses in government hospitals were not properly recognized.

Applicants may send their applications to [email protected] or may also visit for more details.


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