Jobs for Filipino Nurses in Japan

japanese-flag Japan has opened its door for Filipino Nurses and Caregivers because of the economic partnership agreement signed by the Philippine government and Japanese official last year (JPEPA).


  • Filipino registered nurses with at least three years experience are qualified to apply for training and employment in Japan.
  • Candidate caregivers should be a graduate of a four-year course and certified by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
  • Graduates of a nursing course may also apply as caregiver.

Application Fees and Expenses:

  • Expenses of application shall be borne by applicants for document submission/authentication, medical examination (P1,500 basic), and visa fee (P1,150).
  • Airfare and onsite training costs are shouldered by the employers or the Government of Japan.

Employment Process:

  1. Applicants will also have to undergo an aptitude test and interview by JICWELS (Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services) to facilitate their matching with employers.
  2. They must also pass the required medical examination to conclude the employment contract and to successfully qualify to enter Japan.
  3. Prior to their actual work in Japan, the selected candidates shall undergo a six-month language and culture training, where they would receive an allowance of not less than 40,000 yen (or about P21,000) a month.
  4. The language training shall help them prepare to take the Japanese nursing licensure examination which should be taken not more than three chances within three years for candidate-nurses.
  5. And finally, before obtaining their qualification as full-fledged nurse in Japan, candidate-nurses shall work under the supervision of a Japanese Kangoshi to fully familiarize them with the Japanese system.
  6. After passing the nursing licensure examination, the fully qualified nurse and certified caregiver shall now have the option to stay for an unlimited period in Japan to practice their profession based on new and upgraded employment contract with their employer.

Currently, Japan is in need of 200 staff nurses and 300 caregivers. Qualified applicants may apply directly at the POEA.


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