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"Amy" (not her real name) was a housemaid in the Philippines when her employer brought her to the US eight years ago.

Hoping for a better future, Amy was more than willing to embark on the journey. She entered the US with a tourist visa and the belief that her employer would take care of her work permit.

She described herself as an "all-around helper," meaning she does the laundry, housecleaning and taking care of the children. She was promised a $200 a month salary, but which was not given her.

Amy’s employer also intentionally did not process her work permit. And since she had no money to pay for her plane fare going back home, she had no choice but to stick with her abusive employer.

Amy’s tourist visa expired after a few months, making her an illegal alien trapped in the US. Aside from labor abuse, Amy also mentioned that her employer would sometimes hit her.

"Minsan nga binato pa ako ng plato (There was a time when she threw a plate at me)," she said.

Amy’s case is not isolated. There’s also this couple who once lived more than comfortable life in the Philippines. But fate took a sudden turn when their family business shut down. They risked what little money they had left and went to the US where they found an elderly couple, both Americans, who employed them as personal caregivers.

The two have been in the US for more than 10 years now, working illegally.

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