How to Get Rid of Joint Pain

Arthritis is a pain producing condition. Whenever people hear about the word ‘arthritis’ the condition is automatically associated with joint pain. To help guard the joints against injury and diseases, the following information can be used and applied everyday to maintain a healthy and strong joints.

Let’s Get to Know More about Joints

Joints allow a person to move and bend. Together with its surrounding structures, joints enable humans to bend the knees and elbows, wiggle those hips and way the fingers to say good bye. Joints by definition are connections between two bones. When a person moves, it does not rub together because of a lubricant present at the end of each bone which is called a synovial fluid. Aside from the presence of the fluid, smooth tissue called cartilage and synovium also protects the joints from injury during mobility.

Tips to Get Rid of Joint Pain

As a person age, injury can cause damage in the cartilage which may lead to joint pain and arthritis. Even sitting in a wrong way or just bearing too much of the weight can cause injuries to the cartilage. To have a healthy joints, muscles, ligaments and bones should be kept strong and stable. Listed below are some tips to get rid of joint pain effectively:

  1. Keep your weight within the healthy range. The best thing an individual can do to the joints is to keep it from bearing too much weight. The higher the number on the weighting scale the more wear and tear process is placed on the joints. Decreasing the number on the scale would mean preventing joint injuries. Based on a research, for every pound gained, an individual place four times of stress on the knees. Hence, lose that weight to reduce the risk of having knee arthritis.
  2. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Losing extra weight is made possible by having a consistent and regular workout or exercise schedule. Aerobic exercises also reduce swelling in the joints. Swimming and bicycling are good low-impact exercises for the joints.
  3. Move around. Being a couch potato is no good at all. Being glued to the chair the whole day increases the person’s risk to experiencing joint pain. Among those who need to increase movements daily are the computer addicts and office workers.
  4. Strengthen the abdominal core muscles. Wonder why a lot of people keep up with work out to have a strong and lean abs? Aesthetic purposes? Maybe, but a stronger abs and back muscles keep the joint from injuries. So be sure to include exercises that strengthen the core muscles next time you hit the gym.
  5. Practice good posture. Good posture guards the joints from damage and pain. Hence, when sitting avoid slouching and when using a backpack make sure to put it over both shoulders to prevent more stress on one joint only.
  6. Use ice to relieve joint pain. Ice is a natural pain reliever and it works wonderfully on joint swelling. It also numbs the area, thereby keeping the pain away.
  7. A healthy diet can offset joint pain. Stuff up your diet with foods that have high calcium content. When increasing calcium in the diet it is good to increase Vitamin D too as calcium is not absorbed without this vitamin.


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