Filipino nurse in the US prepares tests for wannabes

EVERY FILIPINO NURSE WHO dreams of working in the US and has fears of taking the required National Council of Licensure Examinations (NCLEX) should know this—a Filipina who also went through the rigors of reviewing for this test is now an examiner for the NCLEX.

Adel Vidal Blanco, a registered nurse for the past 32 years has made her mark in the American nursing profession. The National Council of State Board of Nursing headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and which is responsible for developing and admitting the NCLEX for the US and some US territories selected Adel as an item test writer for the NCLEX.

Of the many nurses working in the US, Adel was the only Filipino nurse to be included in the big conferences held in November 1994 and August 1995 during which US nursing bigwigs took notice of her. She was nominated on the basis of her educational background and nursing expertise and since then had participated in the NCLEX item test writing many times in the past years.

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