Family Nursing Care Plan Part 2


The client’s hearing is normal for both ears. Her Weber’s test is normal that she can hear vibrations equally on both ears and her Rinne’s test also indicates that her air-conducted hearing is greater than the bone-conducted hearing which is normal. No changes had occurred lately. The client has astigmatism and her visual acuity is 20/40. She used to wear glasses but it got broken and she is still looking for someone who can fix it. Her last visit to the doctor was last year. The client’s memory is good which means that both her shod term memory works as well as her long term memory. For her, the easiest way to learn is to have someone demonstrate the topic in a much simpler approach. The client does not experience learning difficulties and prefers a teacher to just be the one to discuss the topic. The client does not have any problems speaking, reading or writing. No changes in smell or taste. The client is doing well in school.


The client described herself as an optimistic individual, jovial, and easy to deal with. She also added that she is a great dancer and also does well in school. She feels good about herself most of the time and is happy about herself. No physical alterations in her body. No changes about the way she feels about herself. The client thinks that she is just as equal with other people because there are traits, features and characteristics that she have that other don’t have and vice versa. She expressed her thought about other people more often in non- verbal than through verbal. For example, she saw something bad about an acquaintance; she would rather keep it to herself than to talk to her personally and point it out on that person. In the next five years, she sees herself successful in the field of showbiz industry. The client plans to achieve it by trying out in talent searches preferably PBB Teens if there would still be one. The client is often moody, sometimes she is happy one moment, and then depressed the next. She cannot clearly say why she feels that way. Things that make her angry are people who are constantly irritating her like those bugging her questions about what she will be doing for the entire day, who will be with her, what time will she go home, what is the telephone no. of your classmates, and a lot more. The client feels this way because she does not want people who act like they are working in the NBI and surveillances her every move as if she is a most wanted criminal. Having her friends around and going out with them really helps her so much. She cannot control herself at times and answers back without even thinking about what she is going to say. The client is not satisfied with her mood because people can be intimated.


The client lives with her guardians (grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt) and 2 younger siblings. Her parents are working in K.S.A. The client’s family is apart from other families. She stressed that their family is a loud family because of her grandmother that does not seem to get tired of ranting about things. Obviously, the client does not get along well with her grandmother because of her self-centered attitude as she said. The client is the eldest in the three of them. She has the responsibility to check if they have done all their tasks correctly and she is able to fulfill it. Problems in the client’s family have not reached its height that is why we can live up with that everyday. Her grandmother usually has the final word about a certain family issue. The client thinks that voicing out opinions serve as an outlet to enhance your thought processes. She feels powerful and functional when it comes too voicing out opinions. The client sees a true friend as someone who will always be there for you when the whole world turns their back at you. She feels this kind of friendship among her high school classmates and high school best buds. Her friends are a rare find because despite distance and lack of time, they see to it that they still have communication with one another. The client’s college life goes very well. She feels satisfied that she is studying in FEU.


The client first experienced menstruation when she was in grade 6, age 12. Her menstruation cycle is regular with an interval of 30 days. Her menstruation lasts from 4-5 days. In a day, the client uses 2 pads, one in the morning and one at night. Sometimes it depends on the heaviness of flow. The client does not experience dysmenorrheal. The client firmly believes that she is feminine. She would of course like to have the opposite sex as her partner. The client is not currently engaged in an intimate relationship and likewise she is not involved in premarital sex.


The client perceives major exams in subjects like anatomy, healthcare, and physics as a good source of large amounts of stress. The stress that she experiences is great because of lots of memorization and analysis to be done. She rarely spends her time alone because she is an outgoing and very friendly person. The client handles stress or pressure by just facing those stressors and takes it as a challenge. She said that it is effective for her. Her friends are the people helping her a lot in coping up during stressed times. When faced with big problems, she just does her best to act upon it and hope for the betterment of the situation. She considers it successful because she will not have regrets later on that she did not do a certain action to solve the problem.


The client says that a person is healthy if she can fulfill her duties and responsibilities very well despite all odds. Health is as important as life, more important than any material being on earth for the client. The client considers health as an important thing because no matter how rich or famous we might be, when it comes to health, we are all equal because we are all humans, susceptible to different diseases. Religion is important in the client’s life because it can help an individual to have a certain direction in life. According to her, it gives all of us an assertion that we are on the right tract in facing these obstacles towards a problem-free state. The client is not sure about social values that she grew up with. In relation to society, the client perceives herself as a student whose role is, of course, to study and graduate and therefore to contribute to the man power of society.




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