Family Nursing Care Plan Part 2



The client conducts bowel elimination everyday in the morning after waking up or sometimes at night before bathing. Her stool usually is a formed one that is brownish in color and has regular diameter of not less than 1 inch. She does not experience pain or discomfort. The client also conducts urine elimination at least 3 times a day with varying time. Her urine is often yellowish to whitish color and is not aromatic in smell but does not have a strong foul odor. She also does not experience pain or discomfort. She tends to perspire quickly especially of doing activities that require much movement such as dancing. She does not have a strong smell or body odor.


The client’s usual activities include going to school and studying. She is also a member of the FEU Dance Troupe adds on to her being happy and content. She engages in light exercise and dance workshops. She is satisfied with the amount of exercise that she gets which is having it 3 times a week with duration of 30 minutes per exercise. She noticed that her alertness level increased and makes her feel energized. Inside the classroom, the usual activities that she does are to just sit around and listen to the professor in front. The activities of the client that needs to be done are going to school, attending dance troupe rehearsals, having I shod exercise (stretching) and engaging in household chores. The client commonly has sufficient energy to do all the mentioned tasks. She brought up that she has a desire to do certain extreme sports like bungee jumping and rappelling but worries that she might not have the time, not really the energy, to accomplish my desires. The client is also able to do activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, toileting, grooming, etc.) by herself. She spends her spare time by watching television, listening to music, dancing, or playing board games. She is satisfied with the way on how she spends her leisure time. These activities keep the client from boredom and are exercising her brain capacity. Though the client said that she is satisfied with the amount of activities that she’s getting, she proclaimed that she is not managing her time very well. She does things whenever she likes doing it.



The client sleeps for about 3-4 hours every night ever since second year in college started because of lots of requirements asked from the students by all subjects. Usually, she sleeps at 2am and wakes up at 4am. The sleep is not continuous, does wake up in the middle of the sleep. The client is not satisfied with the amount of sleep because it lessens her body’s time to recuperate from all the stress that she accumulated the entire day. The client does not feel refreshed when she wakes up because of inadequate amount of sleep. The client’s sleeping environment is comfortable. She shares the bed with her aunt. She is not really particular on the number of pillows beside her. She is sometimes more comfortable without a pillow on her head and rather prefer to put a pillow on her lower back because she wants to improve its curve. The client’s desired sleeping environment is a bedroom of her own. The client drinks a glass of water before going to bed and makes sure that she has already voided. She does not have problems falling asleep. The client does not require any help falling asleep including back rubs or massages or sleeping pills. The client does not take naps. For relaxation, the client watches TV, reads something, surfs the net, etc. She finds them helpful when relaxing.


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