Elderly Abuse Incidence On the Rise

Sad to say, but elder abuse in nursing homes is not as uncommon in California as was thought, and even in other areas across the United States. To prove this matter, one such terrible scenario can be accounted of what happened just outside of California which has attracted the attention to the matter. Sadly, it was the very caretaker of the elderly woman who was the one behind the maltreatment.

Not too long ago, a woman, 68 years old, was discovered in her apartment in Indianapolis, Indiana gagged, beaten, and tied up. Apparently, this elderly woman has been bound for two days already in her apartment well before the neighbors realized the woman was hitting the walls of her apartment as a cry for help. Based on the statement given by the police, the elderly woman’s caregiver, who is also her roommate, cracked the threats by telling her that she was going to cut up the woman’s body with a chainsaw and then bury her dead body just behind the house. The caregiver was said to have taken an insurance policy with a worth of $10,000 on the client’s account.

Officials gave statements that for each elder abuse case that has been reported to them, there are about 25 cases that do not get reported to them too, which simply means that this amount of victims go through such experience in silence and with no help coming to them. The usual preys of elder abuse are those elderly ones who are suffering from dementia. In one nursing home abuse case coming from Michigan, there were three men who kidnapped an elderly man who was at a long term care facility. Based on wxyz.com, the three men kidnapped a man, who was 90 years old and was suffering from dementia, from the nursing home where the man supposedly lived. A surveillance video of the event showed of two men picking up the elderly man and then lifting him up over the wall of the nursing home where he has been a resident.

The reason as to why the men kidnapped the 90-year-old man is still not apparent or whether or not the kidnappers were somehow related to this elderly patient. This 90-year-old who is going through dementia was discovered at a motel in a town just around the area. These two tales very well emphasize the possible susceptibility of elderly people who require care and attention and the cruelty of the culprit who perform abuse on the elderly.


Image courtesy of child-abuses.com


Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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