Can Herbs Help A Person Sleep?

A sufficient amount of a good night sleep improves mental health function, promotes rest and relaxation. What’s more is the feeling of renewed energy and rejuvenation the person feels when waking up. The recommended amount of sleep each night is eight hours. But Chinese medical practitioners believed that the ideal sleeping length for each person should get close to 10 hours.

Difficulty sleeping remained to be a major concern for clients diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Clients diagnosed with fibromyalgia experienced sleep deprivation seven times than those without the condition. These people usually toss and turn around that prevents them from falling into a deep slumber. Muscle spasms, being startled when awake and random eye opening also contribute to the disruption of night rest for these individuals.

To get a refreshing sleep, most people usually take sleeping pills. Although this medication may provide the quickest and easiest way to get rid of sleeping problems, using this method can pose negative side-effects and potential hazards when used for a long time. This concerned a lot of people on the use of sleeping pills. Because of the quest to solving the problem without compromising the health of an individual, the use of herbs to treat and manage sleep problems came in.

Herbal therapy is one of the most accessible and safest alternative forms of medicine. Matter of fact, one out of five adults is now using herbal medicines to solve their sleeping difficulties and is responding well to the treatment. The digits were taken from the National Sleep Foundation. In addition, only seven percent of adults seem to use prescription medications for their sleeping problems.

Herbs can be taken in either capsule, tea, powder, infused oil and liquid extract forms. However, herbs have not been clinically studied and the medical basis of the products out in the market may seem to have some loops. But this fact should not deter one from trying them out. Most of the herbs marketed today for health use are already present for a thousand years and a number of anecdotal evidences and informal studies support its use.

Using herbs may be different from drugs. Each person should understand this. As they work differently with drug, someone may need to experiment first before discovering which works effectively. Condition improvements may also take a while too before getting noticed. Of course, the response may be based on how severe a condition is and the person’s body mass index. When used as a natural sleeping aid, minor adjustments should be done first with the dosage. What’s nice when using this form of therapy is the fact that it offers no dangerous effects on one’s health. The following plants can be used to help a person sleep better:

  1. German chamomile
  2. Lemon balm
  3. Passionflower
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