Beating the Odds: Successful Pregnancy at 40 Years

It is said that becoming a mother is every woman’s dream. It may seem redundant hearing the old quote again and again that says that the essence of being a woman is motherhood, but they say carrying another being inside your womb for 9 long months and welcoming it to the world bring a different kind of joy to a person.

Nine months might seem so long, but for an expecting mother, 9 months of pregnancy is never a burden. There are so many reasons to be pregnant, so many reasons to look forward to it. However, though most women long for having their own child, to love and to cherish, to hold and to mold, not every female is blessed with easy pregnancy.

getting-pregnant-after-40-454Pregnancy at 40 Years Considerations and Risks

There are certain factors to consider if one is looking forward to being a mother since pregnancy is never an easy task. It can be fatal for some matter and may result into unwanted results if not given much attention. Age is one important matter. Getting pregnant at 50 years old can be a great challenge and there are a number of odds to beat. Though seeking of natural ways to be pregnant, not only are women aged 50 putting their health and life at stake, but there are also the complications to consider which can be life threatening, and can even cost their lives in grave matters.

There is still a possibility of being and finding ways on how to get pregnant at 40. Mainly women from age 35 to over 40 have healthy pregnancies, nevertheless, at an age as ripe like this, you can be classified by your physician as someone in advanced maternal age.

There are certain risks that arise as your age increases, some of which are pre-eclampsia and eclampsia or the cases wherein the pregnant woman experiences seizures, in simpler terms. Certain complications arise and fertility rates decline with age. In order to avoid complications and to help reduce certain risks, it is imperative that women take precautions and take into consideration good prenatal care as well as practice healthy habits. Getting pregnant at 40 indicates the possibility of putting the baby’s health at risk as well, since the baby might acquire certain conditions like Down Syndrome.

Age is not the only thing a woman must give attention to, she must also be aware and take care of her health status. No matter how old one ages, it is very much helpful that she consults a health care provider before trying to get pregnant. This is especially important if she has underlying health problems such as chronic medical conditions like diabetes, a seizure disorder or high blood pressure, which may result to problems when giving birth later on; on long-term medication and if she does not have medical conditions under control.

Amidst the stated risks, the number of successful pregnancies to mothers over 35 years old has increased not only because of scientific advances but also due to women that have taken great steps in improving their health. To help decrease the chances of an unfavorable reactions during your pregnancy, the expectant mothers must be sure to get an appropriate amount of exercise before during and after the pregnancy. Following a healthy diet is also a must as well as ensuring that she receives optimal prenatal care.

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