Computer Adaptive Testing NCLEX and Nursing App

It’s finally here! The long wait is over!

THE NCLEX CAT App is now available for purchase in the Google Play Store. An Introductory price of $49.99 will include:

  • NCLEX CAT Style testing
  • Time based
  • 1500++ NCLEX Questions complete with Answers and Rationale
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Select All That Apply Questions
  • Identification Questions
  • True or False Questions
  • NCLEX Hot Spot Questions
  • NCLEX Drag and Drop Questions
  • Statistics for Performance Review
  • Quiz Mode and Review Mode

How you will pass?

1. The 95% certainty rule. Program will stop if the app determines with 95% certainty that your answers are correct. You will immediately get the results together with the answers and rationale.

2. If you achieve the passing rate set on the NCLEX App..

How you will fail?

1. Timer is set to have 360 minutes of exam. Allowed to have Two (2) 15-minute breaks. If you consume all the time, the probability of you being failed is very high.

2. If you didn’t meet the passing rate on the simulator’s program.

3. The 95% rule. If the program knows that most of your answers are wrong, then it will discontinue the exam and provide you with the results.

Download the app now in Google Play!

PC Version

IOS Version

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