How Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery is Carried Out

Coronary artery bypass surgery, also coronary artery bypass graft surgery, and colloquially heart bypass or bypass surgery is a surgical procedure performed to relieve angina and reduce the risk of death from coronary artery disease. Arteries or veins from elsewhere in the patient’s body are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass atherosclerotic narrowings and improve the blood supply to the coronary circulation supplying the myocardium (heart muscle). This surgery is usually performed with the heart stopped, necessitating the usage of cardiopulmonary bypass; techniques are available to perform CABG on a beating heart, so-called “off-pump” surgery.{wiki}

Open heart surgery , Coronary Artery Bypass Graft ( CABG ) surgery.

Done by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Albadawy , Cairo , Egypt.
58 years old male patient , diabetic , hypertensive and median sternotomy.
Harvesting of Left Internal Mammary Artery ( LIMA ) , and Saphenous Vein Graft ( SVG ).
Cannulation: Aorta , Single and Double Stage Venous.
Cardioplegia: Warm & antegrade.

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