Avelox, Vigamox
antiinfective; antibiotic; quinolone
Prototype: Ciprofloxacin
Pregnancy Category: C


Assessment & Drug Effects

  • Monitor therapeutic effectiveness indicated by clinical improvement of infection.
  • Monitor for and notify physician immediately of adverse CNS effects.
  • Notify physician immediately for S&S of hypersensitivity (see Appendix F).
  • Lab tests: C&S before initiation of therapy and baseline serum potassium with history of hypokalemia.

Patient & Family Education

  • Exercise care in timing of consumption of vitamins and antacids (see ADMINISTRATION).
  • Drink fluids liberally, unless directed otherwise.
  • Increased seizure potential is possible, especially when history of seizure exists.
  • Stop taking drug and notify physician if experiencing palpitations, fainting, skin rash, severe diarrhea, ankle/foot pain, agitation, insomnia.
  • Avoid engaging in hazardous activities until reaction to drug is known.
  • Do not breast feed while taking this drug.

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