antiinfective; carbapenem antibiotic
Prototype: Imipenem
Pregnancy Category: B


Assessment & Drug Effects

  • Lab tests: Perform C&S tests prior to therapy. Monitor periodically liver and kidney function.
  • Determine history of hypersensitivity reactions to other beta-lactams, cephalosporins, penicillins, or other drugs.
  • Discontinue drug and immediately report S&S of hypersensitivity (see Appendix F).
  • Report S&S of superinfection or pseudomembranous colitis (see Appendix F).
  • Monitor for seizures especially in older adults and those with renal insufficiency.

Patient & Family Education

  • Learn S&S of hypersensitivity, superinfection, and pseudomembranous colitis; report any of these to physician promptly.
  • Do not breast feed while using this drug.

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