Coronex , Dilatrate-SR, Iso-Bid, Isordil, Isotrate, Novosorbide , Sorbitrate, Sorbitrate SA
cardiovascular agent; nitrate vasodilator
Prototype: Nitroglycerin
Pregnancy Category: C


Assessment & Drug Effects

  • Monitor effectiveness of drug in relieving angina.
  • Note: Headaches tend to decrease in intensity and frequency with continued therapy but may require administration of analgesic and reduction in dosage.
  • Note: Chronic administration of large doses may produce tolerance and thus decrease effectiveness of nitrate preparations.

Patient & Family Education

  • Make position changes slowly, particularly from recumbent to upright posture, and dangle feet and ankles before walking.
  • Lie down at the first indication of light-headedness or faintness.
  • Keep a record of anginal attacks and the number of sublingual tablets required to provide relief.
  • Do not drink alcohol because it may increase possibility of light-headedness and faintness.
  • Do not breast feed while taking this drug without consulting physician.


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