Augmentin, Augmentin-ES600, Augmentin XR, Clavulin 
antiinfective; beta-lactam antibiotic; aminopenicillin
Prototype: Ampicillin
Pregnancy Category: B


Assessment & Drug Effects

  • Determine previous hypersensitivity reactions to penicillins, cephalosporins, and other allergens prior to therapy.
  • Lab tests: Baseline C&S tests prior to initiation of therapy; start drug pending results.
  • Monitor for S&S of an urticarial rash (usually occurring within a few days after start of drug) suggestive of a hypersensitivity reaction. If it occurs, look for other signs of hypersensitivity (fever, wheezing, generalized itching, dyspnea), and report to physician immediately.
  • Note: Generalized, erythematous, maculopapular rash (ampicillin rash) is not due to hypersensitivity. It is usually mild, but can be severe. Report onset of rash to physician, since hypersensitivity should be ruled out.

Patient & Family Education

  • Female patients should report onset of symptoms of Candidal vaginitis (e.g., moderate amount of white, cheesy, nonodorous vaginal discharge; vaginal inflammation and itching; vulvar excoriation, inflammation, burning, itching). Therapy may have to be discontinued.
  • Note: Use Clinistix or TesTape when monitoring urinary glucose to avoid false readings with diabetes mellitus.
  • Do not breast feed while taking this drug without consulting physician.

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