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Free Nursing Crib ToolbarAs you all know, we are always looking and providing better ways to get you updated with all the latest happening, all the latest news and all the latest information in the nursing world. And this time we are bringing another way to get you closer to the information you need at your fingertips. Introducing our Official Student Nurses’ Community Toolbar.

So, what exactly is a Browser Toolbar?

A browser toolbar is a type of browser extension. Browser toolbars add additional buttons to the browser interface to accomplish frequently used tasks.

Here is a screenshot of our Nursing Crib Toolbar: (click image to enlarge)


What can you get with our Official Nursing Crib Toolbar?

icon_r1_c3 A Whole lot of Nursing Updates. On our toolbar, we have included (4) four major sites that automatically updates each time a new post is received (and we will continue to add more relevant nursing sites in the future). Those websites are:

  • Nursing Crib Posts and Forum
  • NCLEX Reviewers
  • BoN – Board of Nursing Philippines
  • – Nursing Matters chat icon

icon_r1_c3 A bigger Shout Box. Our Nursing Crib Shout Box has been an integral part of this website ever since and we have heard many comments about it’s lack of size over time. So here it is, a bigger and improved shout box for better chatting and visibility.

This opens a bigger shout box window and enables you to chat even if you’re out of Nursing Crib’s tube

icon_r1_c3You Tube Videos. Words are not enough in learning and this is why we created a channel in You Tube ( to give you instant access to our recently added nursing videos right away.

icon_r1_c3Flickr. Your nursing stories, your pictures. Browse all submitted pictures you sent in a beautiful flickr slideshow.

icon_r1_c3radioBuilt in Radio. Remember the June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results? DZMM 630 got the first official statement from BoN (Board of Nursing Philippines) for the much awaited nursing board exams!

We have included DZMM 630 and a handful of FM radio stations as well for your listening pleasure.

icon_r1_c3Share this. Share the websites you love via “Share This” this button. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Email etc. etc.

icon_r1_c3Best of all, This is FREE! Download now and tell us what you think about our Nursing Crib toolbar.

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Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

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