1. If the patient is not breathing, make certain there is no airway obstruction. Feel his wrist for a pulse.
  2. Administer CPR
    1. Stretch the victim flat on his back on the ground or floor.
    2. Kneel at his side and with your fist, strike his breast bone sharply. This may start the heart beating.
    3. If it does not feel the victim’s chest, locate the lower tip of his breastbone.
    4. Put one finger of your left hand on the cartilage.
    5. Move the heel of the right hand (never use the palm against the finger)
    6. Place the left hand a top the right.
    7. With a quick firm thrust, push down.
    8. Use sufficient force to press the lower one third of the breastbone down 1 ½ inches, letting your back and body do the work. Lift your weight, repeat the procedure.
    9. If you are alone with the victim, stop after each 15 compressions and give him two deep breathes mouth to mouth, continuing this 15 to 2 rhythm.

until help comes.

    1. If someone can assist you, have him kneel at the victim’s head and give mouth to mouth respiration at the rate of 12 times a minute – one breath for each five compressions of the heart that you can perform.
    2. Continue complete CPR for an hour until the victim revives. Pupils constrict, color improves, breathing begins and pulse returns.

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